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    Remote Sensing

  • Being the most vulnerable and inhabited by the poorest of the poor , drylands ecosystems demands attentions to feed the malnutrished and underprivileged.
  • Mapping dryland cropping systems using space borne satellites provides historical and current status of Landuse and the change dynamics


    Geo Spatial data generated at
    different scales about agro-climatic
    and edaphic conditions in the form
    of layers can be used to create homogeneous geocovers zones of a combination & these factors.


    The project aims at increasing the adoption of insurance solutions and risk management measures by India’s smallholder farmers for increased resilience to climate related risks through use of advanced remote sensing technology and science-led advisories through collective action.
    As a part of the project, ICRISAT deals with the Remote sensing products, which plays an important role in insurance solutions and risk management. (Oct 2018 - Dec 2021)


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